Top 10 albums you MUST hear from the past 20 years

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

Some of my choices will not be popular with some, but these albums are ten of the stand out moments in music from the past twenty years for me.

10. Patrick Wolf- The Magic Position (2007)

Download: Magpie

English singer/songwriter/multi-talented musical legend, Patrick Wolf’s third, and perhaps most outlandish album. From the camp loved up extravaganza of title track,The Magic Position, to the haunting duet with Marianne Faithful, Magpie, this album displays Patrick’s major musical diversity and brilliance.

9. Lower Than Atlantis- Far Q (2010)

Download: Mike Duce’s Symphony No.11 In D Minor

Upcoming punk/grunge/rock band, Lower Than Atlantis, are the freshest thing I have heard this side of Lady GaGa. Far Q is 12 tracks of perfectly crafted rock. With lyrics like “We are the kids of the recession. Credit cards, overdrafts, loans and no pensions” and song titles like I’m Not Bullimic (I Just Wanted to See How Far I Could Stick My Fingers Down My Throat), these guys have got to be heard.

8. P!nk- Funhouse (2008)

Download: Glitter In The Air

International attitude-filled pop rock goddess, P!nk, cemented her place as a music superstar with fifth album, Funhouse. Including her first US #1, So What, any track could have been promoted as a single from this stunning album. Standout tracks include the gut-wrenching Sober and the soft velvet tones displayed on Glitter In The Air.

7. Incubus- Make Yourself (1999)

Download: Make Yourself

Californian rock band, Incubus, have been releasing consistently great music since the mid 90s, but Make Yourself is their standout album. Featuring the acoustic mid tempo favourites, Drive and I Miss You, along with heavier tracks like Pardon Me and Make Yourself, I can still happily listen to this album without skipping a single track. A classic rock album.

6. Within Temptation- The Silent Force (2004)

Download: Stand My Ground

Dutch female fronted symphonic rock band, Within Temptation, came into their own with The Silent Force. Combining the angelic vocals of Sharon Den Adel with heavy guitars and drums, chanting choir sounding background vocals and the sound of an orchestra on acid, The Silent Force, showcases everything there is to love about this incredible band.

5. Hole- Live Through This (1994)

Download: Violet

Original riot girl, Courtney Love and her band Hole, hit their artistic grunge-tastic best with Live Through This. Love’s coarse voice soars through each track, rich with anger and passion.

4. Alanis Morissette- Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (1998)

Download: The Couch

Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie features the best writing I have ever heard in music. A bold statement, but read the lyrics and have a listen to The Couch. Alanis Morissette’s lyrical genius cannot be denied on this deep, wise, moving album.

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