James Christopher Sheppard’s top tunes of the week

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

Within Temptation – Faster

The ever-evolving sound of Dutch symphonic rock band, Within Temptation, reaches a refreshing climax with Faster, their first brand new track since the uncharacteristically acoustic single, Utopia, in 2009. Faster see’s them back in full rock mode and I am loving it. It’s a particularly great track to have blasting on your iPod whilst bombing it around on your bike- unless your back tire decides to abruptly explode on you (yes, that really did happen to me, but I still love the song).


Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life

The first track unleashed to the world from his forthcoming fifth album, Lupercalia, is Patrick Wolf’s soaring, emotive, string-filled track that reminds me of the work prior to his last album The Bachelor. The song received little promotion upon its release in December and was only available on vinyl, but for me, Time Of My Life stands tall above the first official single, The City, which is out this week.


Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

Girl of the moment, Adele, is the biggest thing just about everywhere right now and I have got to say I am finding her success refreshing. The stripped down performance of current #1 single Someone Like You at the BRITs has caused more excitement than Susan Boyle’s first audition for Britain’s Got Talent. Rather than striving to find the next shock big thing, perhaps we should stop and take notice of some of the true British talent that is outstanding and capable of being noticed without a majorly hyped TV show. With Adele, it seems people are doing just that- and good for her. This girl can sing, she can write and she can move the hardest heart to tears. This track is layered with strings and features some stunning shiver prompting ad-libs towards the end of the track. A fine song from a fine album.


P!nk – F—in’ Perfect

When I first listened to the new tracks on P!nk’s Greatest Hits… So Far!!!, I was a little underwhelmed. Following the masterpiece that was the Funhouse album, I was a little surprised that the four new tracks seemed a little paint by numbers. After a few listens, the track started to grow on me, but it was seeing the video that catapulted my feelings from warm to boiling. With one of the only music videos that has ever induced a lump in my throat, this song is now played daily on high volume.

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  1. loved your talent,

    consider join poets rally week 40 today, a free verse is accepted,
    all submissions will be fully represented by the end of the rally, all free and fun…

    visit me for details…
    comment to attend, hope to see you share your talent with us.

    Happy Friday.
    Your poetry rocks…

    • Thank you- that’s very kind of you. 🙂

      I have taken a look, but I am a little unclear as to the rules. Do you only accept poems that I written and uploaded exclusively for Promising Poets Parking Lot, or is it ok to link poems that have been linked to other poetry sites so long as there is are links present on the poem in question?

      Thanks again. 🙂 xx

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