‘Edge of Glory’- Lady GaGa’s damage control

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Music, Music Review, Review
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Written by James Christopher Sheppard

A mere two weeks since the underwhelming ‘Judas’ hit radios and stores simultaneously, Lady GaGa returns this week with another brand new song from forthcoming album Born This Way, ‘The Edge of Glory’. The countdown to the new album’s release date on 23rd May is being cleverly marked by a couple of tracks hitting Itunes prior to the release date. Very nice marketing team GaGa. So how is ‘The Edge of Glory’?

Actually, it appears to be the masterpiece song that the superstar has needed to re-establish her place as monster hit maker. Let’s forget ‘Judas’ for a moment and just listen to ‘Glory’. It’s uncomplicated, uplifting, bass-heavy with just the right amount of quirkiness. By the time the brass kicks in, it sounds like Lady GaGa’s stab at doing something a bit Patrick Wolf, who’s last single ‘The City’ featured a similar uplifting and brass heavy sound.

Where the Madonna comparisons have been quite unflattering, sounding like the female empowered club Patrick Wolf is certainly no bad thing. Ironically, GaGa recently said in an interview that she had been listening ‘a lot to this great British artist, Patrick Wolf’. Maybe there should be a Wolf/GaGa collaboration in the future? Now that would be spectacular. Congratulations GaGa, it seems your damage control has worked. Let’s sweep ‘Judas’ under the carpet and pretend that’s just a promotional single, eh?

What do you think of ‘Edge of Glory’ and a possible Wolf/GaGa collab? Shall we start the petition right here?


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