I’m going to the Wireless festival in Hyde Park on Sunday so thought I’d best get listening to some of the bands I am less familiar with that are playing so I don’t miss out on anything. One of the bands I am surprised at how decent their music is, is The Pretty Reckless. Pretty certainly being an appropriate name, as their lead singer, Taylor Momsen, is an actress and model; you may know her from Gossip Girl

Having never seen an episode of Gossip Girl and having never heard of Taylor, I am judging what I am hearing purely on that- what I am hearing. Yeah, their music is nothing new- it’s melodic rock music with a female singer, but it’s done very well indeed, and there isn’t a lot of new artists emerging lately doing it as well as they are. Through checking out some forums and last.fm I wasn’t surprised to see the lack of respect the band has, from learning who Taylor is, and it seems to be because she is hot. If she was singing electronic music and trying to be Ke$ha, surely that would go in her favour? How often have you heard people complain that Lady Gaga isn’t attractive or has a dick (not my opinion, I might add)? If she was a rock star, you can bet no-one would say a word. No-one ever moans about the attractiveness of Courtney Love or Alanis Morissette– and they aren’t models. It seems then, that pop seems reserved only for the beautiful and rock only for the un-model-worthy folk. What a crock of shit. Why can’t people just judge what they hear and not what they see or use what the singer did before against them? Fightstar are a brilliant example of how fucking awesome a band can be when their lead singer began in the poppiest of bands. Yes, Charlie Simpson was of course, in Busted.

Judge The Pretty Reckless for yourselves, here is the video for ‘Miss Nothing’


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