Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts star in comedy/drama Larry Crowne

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Movies, Review
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It’s a another mediocre Monday evening in July, you’ve just finished your seventh work day in a row and you say ‘let’s go to the cinema’ for something to do. You’ve already seen all the big ones filling however many screens nationwide- Transformers, The Green Lantern, Bridesmaids and Bad Teacher, so you check out Larry Crowne– the new Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts comedy/drama flick that looks fairly charming from the trailer, but nothing spectacular. In fact, that assumption isn’t too far from the truth, but the film may have just the right amount of charm to keep your mind far away from your own reality.

Tom Hanks, who also directed the movie, plays Crowne who has served twenty years in the Navy and moved on to a career in retail management. He’s a sweet guy and performs his job with care and commitment, but is let go due to his lack of college background. The movie goes on to tell the story of Crowne’s journey from unsuspecting victim, to informed and freshly educated college graduate, with a whole new lust for life, and particularly his college professor- Miss Tainot, played by Julia Roberts.

This is not a harsh drama or an outrageous comedy, but it’s subtlety is where it succeeds in being a plausible and enjoyable movie for those of us that don’t find what I call ‘stupid comdies’ funny. By stupid comedy, I mean Scary Movie or even Bad Teacher. Larry Crowne is smart and endearing, with very relatable and honest performances from both Roberts and Hanks, as well as accomplished appearances from a host of other characters, including The L Word‘s Pam Grier. The movie serves as a solid reminder that our lives are what we make them. Fans of Sandra Bullock‘s 28 Days will love this movie. With so many massive budget movies out there at the moment not quite cutting it, like The Green Lantern, it’s refreshing to see a decent movie that requires no more than a stellar script and a strong cast. Larry Crowne is definitely the strongest movie at UK cinemas right now, until Friday anyway, when a movie about a certain wizard will be upon us.



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