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Since Kylie Minogue recently tweeted that there is lots of celebrations in place for her 25 year anniversary since the release of her debut single ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, forums have been busy speculating what might be on the cards. It could be a tour, or an ‘anti-tour’ of small venues as Kylie has mentioned she’d like to do this quite recently, a new Greatest Hits collection, a rarities and B-side collection, an album of her classic hits re-interpreted and updated for 2012, the suggestions are endless. Whatever the plans are, Kylie fans worldwide are clearly excited, as is the superstar herself.

As we approach this monumental point in Kylie’s career, I thought I would take a look back and chart some of my personal favourite moments. I will list my Top Five songs from each album, my Top Five tours, my Top Twenty B-sides and rarities and finally my Top Ten albums and tracks overall. While this may sound exhaustive, I am a Kylie and list-lover and I have time on my hands. Feel free to comment and add your own favourites. Who knows, we could start a revolution right here and maybe even influence the upcoming plans!

Kylie (1988)

1. Turn It Into Love

2. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi

3. It’s No Secret

4. I Should Be So Lucky

5. Got To Be Certain



Enjoy Yourself (1989)

1. Wouldn’t Change a Thing

2. Never Too Late

3. Enjoy Yourself

4. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)

5. Hand on Your Heart



Rhythm of Love (1990)

1. Better The Devil You Know

2. Shocked

3. Step Back In Time

4. What Do I Have To Do?

5. The World Still Turns



Let’s Get To It (1991)

1. If You Were With Me Now

2. Finer Feelings

3. Live & Learn

4. Give Me Just a Little More Time

5. Word is Out



Kylie Minogue (1994)

1. Confide In Me

2. Where Is The Feeling?

3. Automatic Love

4. Put Yourself In My Place

5. Dangerous Game



 Impossible Princess (1998)

1. Some Kind of Bliss

2. Limbo

3. Cowboy Style

4. I Don’t Need Anyone

5. Too Far



Light Years (2000)

1. Your Disco Needs You

2. Disco Down

3. Light Years

4. Butterfly

5. On A Night Like This



Fever (2001)

1. Can’t Get You Out of My Head

2. Love At First Sight

3. Love Affair

4. Come Into My World

5. Dancefloor



Body Language (2003)

1. Slow

2. Chocolate

3. Red Blooded Woman

4. Loving Days

5. Secret (Take You Home)



X (2007)

1. The One

2. Wow

3. White Diamond

4. Speakerphone

5. Stars



Aphrodite (2010)

1. All The Lovers

2. Aphrodite

3. Get Outta My Way

4. Cupid Boy

5. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)



Top Five Kylie Tours

1. Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour

2. Kylie Fever 2002

3. Showgirl Homecoming

4. Intimate & Live

5. KylieX2008


Top Twenty Kylie B-sides & Rarities

1. Boy (Can’t Get You Out of My Head B-side, 2001)

2. Paper Dolls (Spinning Around B-side, 2000)

3. Fall For You (X sessions, 2007)

4. BPM (I Believe In You B-side, 2004)

5. Boombox (Body Language sessions, 2003)

6. Flower (X sessions, 2007)

7. Baby (Love at First Sight B-side, 2002)

8. Cherry Bomb (Wow B-side, 2007)

9. Tightrope (In Your Eyes B-side, 2002)

10. Carried Away (Wow B-side, 2007)

11. Ocean Blue (On a Night Like This B-side, 2000)

12. Made In Heaven (Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi B-side, 1988)

13. The Real Thing (Sample People Soundtrack, 1999)

14. Do You Dare (Give Me Just a Little More Time B-side, 1992)

15. Made of Glass (Giving You Up B-side, 2005)

16. Tears (Did It Again B-side, 1997)

17. If You Don’t Love Me (Confide In Me B-side, 1994)

18. Closer (Unreleased, 1991)

19. Take Me With You (Hits+, 2000)

20. Love Love Love (Aphrodite sessions, 2010)


Top Ten Kylie Albums

1. Aphrodite (2010)

2. Fever (2001)

3. Rhythm of Love (1990)

4. Light Years (2000)

5. Impossible Princess (1998)

6. X (2007)

7. Kylie Minogue (1994)

8. Kylie (1988)

9. Enjoy Yourself (1989)

10. Let’s Get To It (1991)


Top Ten Kylie Tracks 

1. All The Lovers

2. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

3. Better The Devil You Know

4. Confide In Me

5. Love at First Sight

6. Turn It Into Love

7. Shocked

8. The One

9. Your Disco Needs You

1o. Where the Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave)

Let me know what your favourites are! Watch some of Kylie’s classic videos below.

What do you think Kylie should do to celebrate 25 years in the business?


Written by James Christopher Sheppard

As a music critic and reviewer, I tend to write a review as soon as I have an album in my possession or have some way of listening to it in it’s entirety. Therefore, what I write tends to be based on an intense listen or two to each track. Now that I have reviewed around thirty albums, I now sometimes reconsider my reviews. Of course, the reviews I have written represent my first impression and most of the time, that opinion sticks, but sometimes an album grows and grows on me, and other times I don’t listen to them after reviewing them.

The main album that springs to mind that I would now give a hands down 10/10 rating is Charlie Simpson‘s debut Young Pilgrim. The more I have listened to it, the more I enjoy it. Having given ‘I Need a Friend Tonight’ 7/10, it would now easily get a 10. The album words together so coherently, it really deserves to be heard. If you haven’t yet given it a listen, I would strongly recommend that you do.

An album that I would potentially give a less favourable rating to now is Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way. On first listen, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the album, but I have only revisited it a handful of times since its release back in May. In reflection the album is instantly likeable, but does little to keep you wanting to return for more. I will admit to having a love/hate relationship with this album. I have struggled to appreciate ‘Born This Way’, ‘Judas’, ‘Hair’ and ‘You and I’ at all. To me, they are not a patch on anything on The Fame or The Fame Monster. Gaga’s recent car crash appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards as her alter ego Jo Calderone has not helped to re-instate my desire for more. Poor Britney Spears looked petrified as Gaga presented her with the ‘Michael Jackson Vanguard Award’.

Albums I am listening to at the moment that will be reviewed soon include The Sea by Melanie C, the new self titled Evanescence album and Torches by Foster the People.


Scrolling through the current best selling albums on Itunes, I come across 50 Words for Snow sitting happily on pre-orders alone at number 91 by the iconic Kate Bush. My eyes literally pop out of their sockets and my stomach tightens, especially when I do some research. Yes, just four months since Directors Cut, Bush has announced that her tenth studio album will be released on 21st November this year. With the shortest track coming in at 6:55 and the longest at 13:49, the seven track collection of completely brand new material will run for a total of 65 minutes. The album will apparently be set against a backdrop of falling snow, which is somewhat fitting, given the recent past few snow-filled winters we have had. At least this year we can sit in front of the fire with some brand new Kate serenading us.  I am very excited.

Check out the 2011 version of ‘The Red Shoes’ below to wet your appetite!

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

The original Pop Idol returns, Will Young releases his fifth studio album, Echoes, at the end of August. Young hasn’t made big waves since his second album Friday’s Child when it reached five times platinum status and provided him with the massive single ‘Leave Right Now’ and ‘Your Game’. However, all of his album releases have gone Top Ten in the UK and been certified platinum. The openly gay popstar clearly has a devoted and loyal fan base, but can Echoes propel him back to the success of his early days? The entire album is produced by electronic and synthpop producer Richard X, so the collection should be more attention grabbing than Young’s last rather unmemorable effort, Let It Go.



First single, ‘Jealousy’, has already created some excitement amongst the Young fan-base, perhaps due to the upbeat feel of the song. It’s a simple, breezy, emotional tinged synth pop with an 80s feel. The song does have a certain charm, but is unlikely to have the masses yearning to hear it over and over again.



‘Come On’

The tempo and mood is accelerated on ‘Come On’, combining the synth sound with an almost Florence and the Machine ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)’ drum beat with an element of ‘Maps’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. While the song certainly shares some similarities with the aforementioned songs, ‘Game On’ feels modern, radio friendly and certainly more addictive than ‘Jealousy’.




Sister track to ‘Jealousy’, ‘Runaway’ is breezy with mellow 80s synths circulating around Young sticking to his higher register. This is pretty catchy, with a hypnotic melody.



‘Lie Next to Me’

It’s ballad time and ‘Lie Next to Me’ will make Will Young fans happy enough. It’s quite dream-like, with Young relying on his voice to carry the song. The production is almost like a boy band Christmas single from the late 90s or early 00s. The emotion comes across in Young’s vocal, but the lyrics are almost too simple to really evoke an emotional reaction. Some people will absolutely love it, some may not. I’m somewhere in the middle.



‘Safe From Harm’

Almost Scissor Sister sounding, ‘Safe From Harm’ has a slightly darker element to it than the first four tracks. The synths are complimented by a simple piano played melody and Young uses his voice more variably, which is a breath of fresh air at this point.



‘Good Things’

Will seems to have jumped eras and gone from the 80s into the mid 90s. ‘Good Things’ sounds inspired by George Michael’s classic hit ‘Fastlove’, which knowing his audience is possibly a stroke of genius. A pretty decent example of adult pop, I can already imagine my Mum listening to this on repeat.



‘Happy Now’

The first song to not rely on synth-pop is ‘Happy Now’. Usually I listen to a song while I write about it… I have to say I listened to the whole of this track and had only written one sentence. What can I say about ‘Happy Now’? It’s a pretty slow to mid-tempo song about Will singing about being happy now. The instrumentation is quite refreshing at this point and Will sounds more comfortable here than on some other points on the album, but it is a little dull.



‘Hearts on Fire’

Another tempo change, ‘Hearts on Fire’ is an understated dance number that I can imagine being played in Soho’s coolest bars. The melody is darker than most of the album and the whole song has a certain dangerous and intriguing sexuality about it.



‘Personal Thunder’

Another dark, brooding number, ‘Personal Thunder’ cements Young’s position as the current answer to being what George Michael was during his Older period. The emotion behind ‘Thunder’ is enchanting.



‘Losing Myself’

This is possibly the most 80s sounding track on the album to this point. It could almost be a hit factory produced mid-tempo ballad. It’s not bad.



‘Silent Valentine’

Featuring the most unique and original production on the collection, ‘Silent Valentine’ is transformed from just another synth-heavy electronic slow number, to a gradual captivating track that is one of the most memorable featured here.



‘I Just Want a Lover’

Considering this is almost entirely an electronic album, there are very few cub-worthy moments, but this is definitely one of them. Appealing to a more mature ear, and perhaps a crowd at a swanky cocktail bar rather than your local Oceana club, ‘I Just Want a Lover’ picks up where ‘Good Things’ left off. ‘I just want a lover, nothing that is complicated. I don’t have to know you, we don’t have to talk about it’ Young sings as the song closes. Could this be Will’s sexiest moment yet?


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