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Years submerged in dirty water,

Some drowned, defeated by memory,

Others remain steady on the surface, unwilling to shift.

Pointless excruciating life lessons learned, for it all to crumble back to nothing.

79 year olds fed with a plastic fork; have their shit wiped away by a stranger.

The face of your daughter, forgotten.

The name you were given at birth, stuck, fighting for freedom in the back room.

You lost the key to a room you were never meant to lock.

The Eve within you forced your worthless, aged hand.

We are the carcass that carries us.

We are the fragile.



Written by James Christopher Sheppard


Medicated and resuscitated.

Nothing oxidised the air.


Thick as oil,

clogging airways.




Organs twist,

Almost burst.

Blood blackened.

It always comes back to this.

I‘m going to refer you,

You will be contacted in three to four weeks.

Take care.

How have I not noticed that tree before?

This is decided.

Help is a myth.

A feeble attempt.


I think I only want help to please you.

I think I only carry on because you tell me I have to.

Potluck Poetry

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

Even in pieces

you will be


An eternity of searing and unfathomable pain

will be you,

every last cell.

You have no liberty for thought.

This is you now.

Choice was an extravagance.

Choice is no longer yours.

I’m sorry. I take it back I take it back I take it back. I couldn’t help it.


You have no voice here.

It is done.


Posted: March 20, 2011 in Poems
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Written by James Christopher Sheppard

I am an artist.
I fuck and am fucked.
My sharp brush brings only red
But this is not skin.
This is mine
To draw what I like.
I can scratch. I can tear you to shreds. You are mine to destroy.
And I am yours to embrace.
Fuck me hard. I will fuck you up. Fuck you over. Fuck you in half.
I can replace you
You mean nothing.
I am invincible, re-incarnating.
One day we will be one.

Submitted for Poetry Potluck and One Shot Wednesday