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Since Kylie Minogue recently tweeted that there is lots of celebrations in place for her 25 year anniversary since the release of her debut single ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, forums have been busy speculating what might be on the cards. It could be a tour, or an ‘anti-tour’ of small venues as Kylie has mentioned she’d like to do this quite recently, a new Greatest Hits collection, a rarities and B-side collection, an album of her classic hits re-interpreted and updated for 2012, the suggestions are endless. Whatever the plans are, Kylie fans worldwide are clearly excited, as is the superstar herself.

As we approach this monumental point in Kylie’s career, I thought I would take a look back and chart some of my personal favourite moments. I will list my Top Five songs from each album, my Top Five tours, my Top Twenty B-sides and rarities and finally my Top Ten albums and tracks overall. While this may sound exhaustive, I am a Kylie and list-lover and I have time on my hands. Feel free to comment and add your own favourites. Who knows, we could start a revolution right here and maybe even influence the upcoming plans!

Kylie (1988)

1. Turn It Into Love

2. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi

3. It’s No Secret

4. I Should Be So Lucky

5. Got To Be Certain



Enjoy Yourself (1989)

1. Wouldn’t Change a Thing

2. Never Too Late

3. Enjoy Yourself

4. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)

5. Hand on Your Heart



Rhythm of Love (1990)

1. Better The Devil You Know

2. Shocked

3. Step Back In Time

4. What Do I Have To Do?

5. The World Still Turns



Let’s Get To It (1991)

1. If You Were With Me Now

2. Finer Feelings

3. Live & Learn

4. Give Me Just a Little More Time

5. Word is Out



Kylie Minogue (1994)

1. Confide In Me

2. Where Is The Feeling?

3. Automatic Love

4. Put Yourself In My Place

5. Dangerous Game



 Impossible Princess (1998)

1. Some Kind of Bliss

2. Limbo

3. Cowboy Style

4. I Don’t Need Anyone

5. Too Far



Light Years (2000)

1. Your Disco Needs You

2. Disco Down

3. Light Years

4. Butterfly

5. On A Night Like This



Fever (2001)

1. Can’t Get You Out of My Head

2. Love At First Sight

3. Love Affair

4. Come Into My World

5. Dancefloor



Body Language (2003)

1. Slow

2. Chocolate

3. Red Blooded Woman

4. Loving Days

5. Secret (Take You Home)



X (2007)

1. The One

2. Wow

3. White Diamond

4. Speakerphone

5. Stars



Aphrodite (2010)

1. All The Lovers

2. Aphrodite

3. Get Outta My Way

4. Cupid Boy

5. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)



Top Five Kylie Tours

1. Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour

2. Kylie Fever 2002

3. Showgirl Homecoming

4. Intimate & Live

5. KylieX2008


Top Twenty Kylie B-sides & Rarities

1. Boy (Can’t Get You Out of My Head B-side, 2001)

2. Paper Dolls (Spinning Around B-side, 2000)

3. Fall For You (X sessions, 2007)

4. BPM (I Believe In You B-side, 2004)

5. Boombox (Body Language sessions, 2003)

6. Flower (X sessions, 2007)

7. Baby (Love at First Sight B-side, 2002)

8. Cherry Bomb (Wow B-side, 2007)

9. Tightrope (In Your Eyes B-side, 2002)

10. Carried Away (Wow B-side, 2007)

11. Ocean Blue (On a Night Like This B-side, 2000)

12. Made In Heaven (Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi B-side, 1988)

13. The Real Thing (Sample People Soundtrack, 1999)

14. Do You Dare (Give Me Just a Little More Time B-side, 1992)

15. Made of Glass (Giving You Up B-side, 2005)

16. Tears (Did It Again B-side, 1997)

17. If You Don’t Love Me (Confide In Me B-side, 1994)

18. Closer (Unreleased, 1991)

19. Take Me With You (Hits+, 2000)

20. Love Love Love (Aphrodite sessions, 2010)


Top Ten Kylie Albums

1. Aphrodite (2010)

2. Fever (2001)

3. Rhythm of Love (1990)

4. Light Years (2000)

5. Impossible Princess (1998)

6. X (2007)

7. Kylie Minogue (1994)

8. Kylie (1988)

9. Enjoy Yourself (1989)

10. Let’s Get To It (1991)


Top Ten Kylie Tracks 

1. All The Lovers

2. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

3. Better The Devil You Know

4. Confide In Me

5. Love at First Sight

6. Turn It Into Love

7. Shocked

8. The One

9. Your Disco Needs You

1o. Where the Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave)

Let me know what your favourites are! Watch some of Kylie’s classic videos below.

What do you think Kylie should do to celebrate 25 years in the business?


Reviewed by James Christopher Sheppard

Having just completed her massive ‘Aphrodite- Les Folies World Tour’, Kylie Minogue is releasing a stunning boxset of all five of her studio albums released since her career-changing monster hit ‘Spinning Around’ in 2000. Better than any Greatest Hits from the past ten years could be, this literally includes every track released by Minogue since signing with Parlophone in 1999.

Light Years

Including her first Top Ten hit since 1994’s ‘Confide in Me’, Light Years catapulted Minogue back to the forefront of pop. Following almost eight years of musical experimentation and collaborations with Nick Cave and Manic Street Preachers, Minogue put her shiny stilettos and hot pants back on and produced the most unashamedly camp disco album of her entire career. ‘Spinning Around’ hit number 1 in the UK and Australia and similar success followed for singles ‘On a Night Like This’, ‘Kids’ with Robbie Williams and ‘Please Stay’. The album also features live favourite ‘Light Years’, and possibly the campest song ever recorded, ‘Your Disco Needs You’.


‘La la la, la la la la la…’ Fever was released in 2001 and saw Minogue not only top the charts in five countries and go multi-platinum, but also had top five success in the USA. The classic single ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ now has iconic status and remains one of the biggest selling singles in the world over the past decade. ‘Come Into My World’ won a Grammy and ‘In Your Eyes’ and ‘Love at First Sight’ were also phenomenally huge successes. Following Fever, Kylie was considered an international superstar. Other stand out tracks from the album include ‘Love Affair’, ‘Burning Up’, ‘Fragile’, ‘More More More’, ‘Give it to Me’ and… basically the entire album is flawless electro pop.

Body Language

Never one to unleash the expected, Kylie’s Body Language stunned many, as it did not follow in Fever’s footsteps, or any other record’s footsteps really. The overall sound of the album is the most urban that Kylie has ever sounded, featuring a more American R&B sound than the electro pop people had come to expect from Minogue. While the album scored Minogue her seventh UK #1 with the understated electronic hit ‘Slow’, the rest of the album had a sound of being directed towards an American audience. As a result, the album underperformed in most territories as it just didn’t quite sound like authentic Kylie. Saying that, ‘Red Blooded Women’ and ‘Loving Days’ are treasures that would doubtfully exist without the rest of the album.


Mid ‘Showgirl Tour’ in 2005, Kylie was forced to dramatically cancel the remainder of the tour following her cancer diagnosis. For over a year, the world waited to hear of Kylie’s recovery, and finally rejoiced in late 2006 when she hit the road to complete the tour. Four years after the release of Body Language came X, with first single, ‘2 Hearts’ hitting #4 in the UK and #1 in Australia. X is packed full of electro club tracks, like ‘Like a Drug’, ‘In My Arms’, ‘The One’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Speakerphone’. While some criticized the comeback album as lacking the heartache that could have been expected from a post-illness album, the collection was a success and hugely popular with fans as it demonstrates what Kylie does best- electro dance pop.

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James Christopher Sheppard
on his Top Ten musical highlights of 2011

As we hit the mid-point of the year 2011, James Christopher Sheppard takes a look back and charts his top ten musical highlights of the year so far. With stellar performances, standout single releases and albums that will be listened to for years to come, here’s how James’ top ten shapes up, in descending order, starting with the tenth best highlight.


P!nk ‘Fuckin’ Perfect’

New Mum, P!nk, released the second single from her Greatest Hits… So Far!!! album in March, to much critical acclaim. The video portrays a girl with self-confidence issues, who dabbles in self-harm, but ultimately grows into a beautiful women and mother. As corny as it sounds, it really is a moving song and video and incredibly apt for P!nk at this time in her life. I can not wait for the follow-up to the incredible Funhouse album.





Britney Spears ‘Hold it Against Me’

Britney smashed back onto the scene after a short break at the beginning of the year with the dub-step tinged monster hit ‘Hold it Against Me’. The song is a new direction for Britney, and while the album Femme Fatale may not live up to the standard set here, ‘Hold it Against Me’ is one of the best Britney singles ever.







Lady GaGa ‘The Edge of Glory’ performance at Radio One’s Big Weekend.

Lady Gaga had run into all sorts of critical indifference at the beginning of the year as the response to the first two singles from her album Born This Way were not met with the same ecstatic reception in the UK that she was used to. While ‘Born This Way’ slowly built on people and sold steadily, it still was the least original single she had put out, and ‘Judas’ didn’t do a great deal to help matters. Cut to May and Gaga headlined Radio One’s Big Weekend in Carlisle and performed a piano only version of third single ‘The Edge of Glory’. With no gimmicks, no crazy outfit or political message, ‘The Edge of Glory’ proved Lady Gaga’s musical talent was still as evident as ever and stands as one of her most emotional and powerful performances to date.



Blondie Panic of Girls

Returning with their ninth studio album, Blondie proved on their stunning new album that they are still a force to be reckoned with. The band sound younger and fresher than they have done in years, with Panic of Girls being innovative and full of energy. Stand out tracks include ‘Mother’, ‘What I Heard’, ‘Girlie Girlie’ and ‘Wipe off my Sweat’. Get the limited edition collector’s pack if you haven’t already, featuring an exclusive magazine, prints, a poster and bonus tracks.





Lower Than Atlantis World Record

The second full-length album from melodic hardcore band, Lower Than Atlantis, arrived in April and saw Mike Duce and his band-mates establish themselves as one of the leading alternative rock bands in the UK, getting air-play from Radio One and Kerrang, amongst others. World Record managed to outshine their outstanding debut, Far Q, with killer tracks like ‘Beech Like a Tree’, ‘(Motor) Way of Life’, ‘Another Sad Song’ and ‘Deadliest Catch’. World Record is only the beginning for these guys, which makes them so exciting to watch. Definitely a band and an album to check out if you haven’t already.




Adele 21 and that Brit Awards Performance

You must have been in a coma for the past six months if you’ve failed to notice to phenomenal success of English singer/songwriter Adele’s second album, 21. The album is now established as the longest running UK number one album since Saturday Night Fever in 1978, that’s sixteen weeks so far, and as it stands 21 is still #2. First single, ‘Rolling In The Deep’, was a huge success pretty much everywhere, and has just spent its seventh week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, while ‘Someone Like You’ rocketed to number one in the UK following the heart-wrenching acoustic performance at the Brit Awards in February. There’s even more to 21 that the massive hits however, with gems such as ‘Turning Tables’, a cover of The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’ and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’. 21 is a record-shattering album, with over seven million sales since its release in January, and its obvious why- just seriously good music.



Incubus If Not Now, When?

Following a five year gap since their last studio album, Incubus finally ventured back into the limelight over the past few months to announce the forthcoming release of their seventh studio album. If Not Now, When? is delicate and mellow, yet mesmerising and powerful, with new Incubus classics such as ‘Adolescents’, ‘Isadore’, ‘ Defiance’ and ‘In the Company of Wolves’ to add to our already lengthy Incubus playlists.




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James Christopher Sheppard reviews
by The Human League

Original new wave band, The Human League, have just released their ninth studio album, Credo, their first release in ten years. Best known for their huge 1981 hit ‘Don’t You Want Me’, The Human League have enjoyed continued moderate success for the past thirty years. Never straying from their new wave synthpop roots, this release should keep fans of their past work happy, but will it offer them anything they haven’t heard before? In a pop landscape where electro synth 80s descendants, Hurts and La Roux, are making waves, how do one of the first groups that first established synthpop music in 1979, stand up against their new contemporaries?

1.      ‘Never Let Me Go’
Electro perfection. Building and building, this synth-infused track is literally how 2011 meeting 1981 should sound. Brought up to date with clean production, a catchy melody and a grimy bassline, it’s easy to see why this was chosen as the second single. It really deserves more success.
2.      ‘Night People’
There’s something very mesmerizing and hypnotic about this track. The first single, released in last November, does well to establish the group as being back with a vengeance. Don’t be fooled into thinking this track is simple due to it’s repetitiveness, there is a lot going on here to wrap your mind around.
3.      ‘Sky’
Frankmusik would be proud to have recorded this track- it resembles the sound he employed on his debut album Complete Me, in the best possible way. Mellow, but bass heavy, ‘Sky’ has an awesome quirky-ness going on. Listen right through to the end- the track continues to offer more as it progresses.

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James Christopher Sheppard’s top tunes of the week

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

Within Temptation – Faster

The ever-evolving sound of Dutch symphonic rock band, Within Temptation, reaches a refreshing climax with Faster, their first brand new track since the uncharacteristically acoustic single, Utopia, in 2009. Faster see’s them back in full rock mode and I am loving it. It’s a particularly great track to have blasting on your iPod whilst bombing it around on your bike- unless your back tire decides to abruptly explode on you (yes, that really did happen to me, but I still love the song).


Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life

The first track unleashed to the world from his forthcoming fifth album, Lupercalia, is Patrick Wolf’s soaring, emotive, string-filled track that reminds me of the work prior to his last album The Bachelor. The song received little promotion upon its release in December and was only available on vinyl, but for me, Time Of My Life stands tall above the first official single, The City, which is out this week.


Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

Girl of the moment, Adele, is the biggest thing just about everywhere right now and I have got to say I am finding her success refreshing. The stripped down performance of current #1 single Someone Like You at the BRITs has caused more excitement than Susan Boyle’s first audition for Britain’s Got Talent. Rather than striving to find the next shock big thing, perhaps we should stop and take notice of some of the true British talent that is outstanding and capable of being noticed without a majorly hyped TV show. With Adele, it seems people are doing just that- and good for her. This girl can sing, she can write and she can move the hardest heart to tears. This track is layered with strings and features some stunning shiver prompting ad-libs towards the end of the track. A fine song from a fine album.


P!nk – F—in’ Perfect

When I first listened to the new tracks on P!nk’s Greatest Hits… So Far!!!, I was a little underwhelmed. Following the masterpiece that was the Funhouse album, I was a little surprised that the four new tracks seemed a little paint by numbers. After a few listens, the track started to grow on me, but it was seeing the video that catapulted my feelings from warm to boiling. With one of the only music videos that has ever induced a lump in my throat, this song is now played daily on high volume.

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Top 10 albums you MUST hear from the past 20 years

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

Some of my choices will not be popular with some, but these albums are ten of the stand out moments in music from the past twenty years for me.

10. Patrick Wolf- The Magic Position (2007)

Download: Magpie

English singer/songwriter/multi-talented musical legend, Patrick Wolf’s third, and perhaps most outlandish album. From the camp loved up extravaganza of title track,The Magic Position, to the haunting duet with Marianne Faithful, Magpie, this album displays Patrick’s major musical diversity and brilliance.

9. Lower Than Atlantis- Far Q (2010)

Download: Mike Duce’s Symphony No.11 In D Minor

Upcoming punk/grunge/rock band, Lower Than Atlantis, are the freshest thing I have heard this side of Lady GaGa. Far Q is 12 tracks of perfectly crafted rock. With lyrics like “We are the kids of the recession. Credit cards, overdrafts, loans and no pensions” and song titles like I’m Not Bullimic (I Just Wanted to See How Far I Could Stick My Fingers Down My Throat), these guys have got to be heard.

8. P!nk- Funhouse (2008)

Download: Glitter In The Air

International attitude-filled pop rock goddess, P!nk, cemented her place as a music superstar with fifth album, Funhouse. Including her first US #1, So What, any track could have been promoted as a single from this stunning album. Standout tracks include the gut-wrenching Sober and the soft velvet tones displayed on Glitter In The Air.

7. Incubus- Make Yourself (1999)

Download: Make Yourself

Californian rock band, Incubus, have been releasing consistently great music since the mid 90s, but Make Yourself is their standout album. Featuring the acoustic mid tempo favourites, Drive and I Miss You, along with heavier tracks like Pardon Me and Make Yourself, I can still happily listen to this album without skipping a single track. A classic rock album.

6. Within Temptation- The Silent Force (2004)

Download: Stand My Ground

Dutch female fronted symphonic rock band, Within Temptation, came into their own with The Silent Force. Combining the angelic vocals of Sharon Den Adel with heavy guitars and drums, chanting choir sounding background vocals and the sound of an orchestra on acid, The Silent Force, showcases everything there is to love about this incredible band.

5. Hole- Live Through This (1994)

Download: Violet

Original riot girl, Courtney Love and her band Hole, hit their artistic grunge-tastic best with Live Through This. Love’s coarse voice soars through each track, rich with anger and passion.

4. Alanis Morissette- Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (1998)

Download: The Couch

Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie features the best writing I have ever heard in music. A bold statement, but read the lyrics and have a listen to The Couch. Alanis Morissette’s lyrical genius cannot be denied on this deep, wise, moving album.

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