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Scrolling through the current best selling albums on Itunes, I come across 50 Words for Snow sitting happily on pre-orders alone at number 91 by the iconic Kate Bush. My eyes literally pop out of their sockets and my stomach tightens, especially when I do some research. Yes, just four months since Directors Cut, Bush has announced that her tenth studio album will be released on 21st November this year. With the shortest track coming in at 6:55 and the longest at 13:49, the seven track collection of completely brand new material will run for a total of 65 minutes. The album will apparently be set against a backdrop of falling snow, which is somewhat fitting, given the recent past few snow-filled winters we have had. At least this year we can sit in front of the fire with some brand new Kate serenading us.  I am very excited.

Check out the 2011 version of ‘The Red Shoes’ below to wet your appetite!